Vlaamse Frites

our history

We started as a snack pick-up point in 1980 but throughout the years we have grown to one of the best Flemish fries store of Amsterdam. This all with 100% green electricity.

— 100% Green electricity —

Vlaamse Frites uses 100% green electricity. We work together with pure energie because they produce their own green electricity and we can even point out which windmill is used for the energy. We've chosen this location because the windmill is placed between a potato field in the Netherlands. We wanted to make a change in the society. Snackbars have a presentation  of being bad for the climate and we wanted to show that it could be done in a different way. We wanted to be the first snackbar of the Netherlands with 100% green electricity and we did!

— Hygiene award —

Vlaamse Frites is the Hygiene award winner of 2017

— Tripadvisor —

Certificate of excellence 5 times in a row & Travellers' choice 2020

— The key to succes —

We have climbed our way up to the top since 1980

Fresh ingredients

Our ingredients are fresh cut by experts

 Every 2 days we get our new fresh products delivered

 We fry the potatoes with our own special method.

Big smile

Vlaamse frites always tries to deliver a big smile on the face of our customers

Nice atmosphere

When there is no queue our staff members always have time for a little conversation with the customers