— Snacks -

Cheese souffle (vg)

 Melted cheese from the inside, crispy bite from the outside.

Bami puck (vgn)

The bami puck contains noodles and vegetables.

Chicken burger (optional vg)

The chicken burger comes with a sauce of your choice. 

Beef croquette (optional vg)

Beef croquette is a traditional dutch snack. It's also possible to get it on a bun. It's possible to get a pack mosterd with it.

The beef croquette sandwich. Choose your own topping for free to give the beef croquette sandwich your personal flavour The price of that is €2,75.

Chicken sausage 

The chicken sausage is a sausage which is 100% made out of chicken.

We also serve it as a chicken sausage special. This is a chicken sausage with a cut in it and there is put mayonnaise and curry/tomato ketchup and fresh cut unions on top. 

We also serve the chicken sausage on a bun, the chicken sausage sandwich.